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Hi !

I am Mademoiselle Zénobie - called after my dear grandma’s given nickname- .

I have been doing all sorts of things in my life, always dedicated to looking and feeling good and being in phase with others. For some years now I mixed all my skills, experiences and passions into services.

I was born and raised in Lille, north of France. My great-great-grandma had her tailor workshop where she was designing and making elegant garments. My great-grandma was a Dame, enjoying latest hits in fashion. My grandma was a fashion designer and painter, I am drawing on her’s, as my muse, all my inspirations. My dear mum was a dressmaker, now retired she cannot stop from recycling vintage stuff she’s bargain-hunting in something just amazing…

That’s to say that I have been raised among fabrics, trims and fashion awareness since my yearly age and looking good and being creative is part of my DNA.

If I had to pick key words to introduce about my own-way of working, I would choose “cocoon-chic, timeless-elegance and minimalism” ;

* cocoon-chic as for comfort, steadiness, quality, humility

* timeless-elegance as for ever beauty hit

* minimalism as for utility, practical and respect of the environment.

My motto is after Hans Wilsdorf’s quote “Beauty of design goes hand-in-hand with utility”.  

I have been working close to fashion industry while I was a student. I started to be a personal shopper when I was 18. I was advising clients to shop a composition of clothes matching together. I started in France and when I was living in the UK, I grew to more mature profiles who did not have either time, taste or energy to shop on their own. Later, I designed my own clothes that my personal tailor was making. My friends asked me to design theirs as they like mine very much... That’s how, in 2011 I launched working-girl’s basic closet collections of made-to-measure pieces under Mademoiselle Zenobie’s brand. Thanks to the word-of-mouth, my clients grew amongst the borders. At that time, I was also designing mum and kids matching collections.

In 2015, I took a closer look to handmade creation as I was always very impressed by handcraftsmanship, especially in leather industry and I learnt how to create by hand (no machine at all !) the bags, pouches and belts that I designed. It was a very interesting experience as these kind of artisans' know-how are lately disappearing so it feels really special to be able to make a leather bag only with two needles (and a bit more of material of course). Since 2016, I have been working with brands as fashion designers for developing collections of womenswear (knitwear and woven).

Beside looking good, feeling good is the right balance. That's why, I have been practicing and studying about yoga, meditation and healthy diet. These are the keys to a strong body and balanced mind. I have been also travelling a lot to nurture my inspiration and grow my rate of daily happiness. I love colors and volumes that nature offers and I have discovered jewels and paradises along with difficult-places-to-live-in all over the world.  I have danced in Barcelona, went to underground music concert in Berlin, cheered in museums in London, slept in remote jungle in Caribbean, enjoyed New York marathon spirit, grabbed fresh fruits in Thailand, seen high scales building in China, loved pretty needle packaging in Japan, crossed-by kangaroos in Australia, swimming in a fresh lake in Morocco’s, meditated in front of Taj Mahal, and so on… 

Across from my skills, experiences and passions, I offer professional services such as : 

- relooking counseling and image communication seminars,

- personal shopper experience,

- fashion design of womenswear and fashion accessories,

- branding consulting.

Just drop me a little note and I would be very happy to correspond with you  !

For more details about above infomation, please check my website :

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